Highly capable engineering managers make it possible for organizations to grow, boost efficiency and benefit from technology such as analytics, machine learning, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

These managers need to be ready to guide their organizations as they update infrastructure, overcome supply chain pressures, adapt to policy changes and prepare for the realities of artificial intelligence. They must also be able to build trust among their team members and create a productive work environment where everyone feels valued.

Engineering professionals who can successfully address these challenges may be sought-after by innovative companies worldwide.

“Beyond strong technical skills, more and more employers expect engineering graduates to have experience and competence in professional areas such as creativity and design, oral and written communication, teamwork and leadership, interdisciplinary thinking, business management and entrepreneurship and multicultural understanding.”

— National Academy of Engineering

Engineers who have both technical and managerial skills can do more than bring value to their organization — they have the potential to make a difference at a global scale.

The world is turning to engineers to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. For example, engineering teams at UCLA are using robots to create better prosthetics for patients, designing smaller solar panels that contribute to net-zero emissions goals and developing an AI-powered system that might predict the next pandemic.

Engineering managers who are able to keep projects like these on track and on time, while also fostering collaboration and innovative thinking among their team members, can help accelerate progress towards solving global problems. Their careers can change the future.

General Salary Data and Job Titles for Engineering Management Jobs

Below are some common job titles for engineers who hold a master’s degree, as well as corresponding median annual salaries. The job titles and salary information are sourced from Lightcast, whose data comes from millions of job postings.

Job Title Average Annual Salary
(According to Payscale and Lightcast)
Application manager $103,472
Director of engineering $122,565
Engineering manager $98,703
Engineering project manager $89,914
Mechanical engineering manager $90,544
Principal engineer $120,744
Product manager $94,501
Program manager $93,464
Process engineer $82,818
Senior data analyst $82,547
Software development manager $116,972
Supply chain director $100,221
Technical manager $115,655

These are just a sampling of the many roles available to those on an engineering management career path. Actual titles and responsibilities vary, as each organization may apply a different title based on their internal requirements.

Career-Focused Education at UCLA

The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering built the online engineering management degree with the needs of businesses in mind. Our curriculum incorporates guidance from an industrial advisory board, which ensures that graduates have in-demand skills in technical problem-solving, data-driven decision making, analytics and business communication.

Online students have access to a wide range of student services, including the UCLA Career Center that provides connections to employers in addition to hosting events and workshops. Our students can also take advantage of the Handshake platform to find career counseling, internships and job opportunities.

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